Theatre factory

The THEATRE FACTORY is the activity of the National Kaunas Drama Theatre. This activity is oriented towards young artists. Therefore, the THEATRE FACTORY may be called many ways – an art incubator, a project of the theatre, etc.

This, however, does not change the main idea of the THEATRE FACTORY, which is to be modern, creative, innovative, brave and astonishing. The theatre is exactly like that because of young artists working and creating here. Our aim is to provide all help that young artists of performative art may need to implement

In principle, the THEATRE FACTORY is the place where young artists may learn, make mistakes, discover, find out, experience and implement. The THEATRE FACTORY implements the following activities:

  • Educational activities that are led by young artists with children of different ages and young people in order to introduce various spheres of art to them, for example, motion workshops, video clip creation, etc.;
  • Seminars. In 2018, a series of seminars “What a young artist should know” was started, where charming and experienced lecturers share their knowledge on the issues of time management, marketing, project writing, managerial questions, etc.;
  • Creativity workshops for young artists to improve their professional skills, discover new things, get familiar with and try out new art forms. The workshop is delivered by experienced specialists or skilled young artists;
  • Collaboration. This is the activity that is based on the collaboration principle and interdisciplinarity resulting in the most beautiful projects and new ideas. Here graphic design and performance, photography and dance, modern technologies and simple solutions meet.
  • Creative experiments. The space of the THEATRE FACTORY is extraordinary, creating its specific mood and sense. It may therefore be adjusted for various creative experiments of young artists. The long hall has been used to render the mood of the performance The photo exhibition BIRTH OF A CHARACTER was unconventionally exhibited in the services space.
  • Projects. Not only do we initiate our projects, we may also contribute to projects implemented or proposed by other young artists. Should you have ideas, let‘s do something together.


The THEATRE FACTORY is located in the building of the former fur factory, Kęstučio str. 62, Kaunas. The building has been used for theatre plays since 1990. Next to it, there is a theatre school MY THEATRE, the temporary hall of cinema theatre ROMUVA, Kaunas Jazz, etc. In good weather, various events are organised in the yard.


The lobby is meant for waiting before plays and educational activities, but you may also organise a non-traditional performance, exhibition, presentation or another interesting activity for visitors.

The long hall is the most non-traditional space of the THEATRE FACTORY. Concrete walls and floor, windows and radiators define the ideas for various performances, plays, art experiments and events.

The Taverna hall on the second floor is a cosy place with a small stage meant for various events, educational programmes, creative activities, small concerts, performances and discussions.

As you may have already understood, the spaces of the former fur factory are now used for creative experiments. If you have ideas and enthusiasm to try yourself in the THEATRE FACTORY, e-mail us at